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Why is Summer the best season for professional cleaning?

You may think that Winter is the season when the office requires the most detailed cleaning, as it's the time when cases of flu and colds abound. However, Summer is actually the perfect time for your office to undertake intensive professional cleaning. Summer is the season of long daylight hours and warm sunshine. As such,…
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Why should you choose a professional office cleaning company?

Every office needs regular cleaning, and if you’re looking for an office cleaning company, you have two choices. You either choose a cheaper company or you choose a professional office cleaning company. Many people may not realise that there’s a big difference between a cleaner and a professional office cleaner. After all, it’s just basic…
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5 reasons why you need professional office cleaning

Guarantees a positive work place environment: A positive work place environment starts with the cleanliness of the space. If your office is carpeted, a steam or vacuum is required. If your office is tiles or wooden floorboards, a swipe clean or grime removal by a professional is needed. Around the clock cleanliness: Hiring a professional…
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5 Simple Steps for a Green Office

Making your office green promotes sustainability as well as economic growth. We live in a continuously evolving world which promotes the importance of environmentally friendly and greener alternatives to living. As humans we pose a serious threat to the environment if we choose not to actively take steps to better it and improve it for…
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