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Why is Summer the best season for professional cleaning?

You may think that Winter is the season when the office requires the most detailed cleaning, as it’s the time when cases of flu and colds abound.

However, Summer is actually the perfect time for your office to undertake intensive professional cleaning.

Summer is the season of long daylight hours and warm sunshine. As such, the warm weather and the increased sunshine helps fixtures to dry faster, so it’s the best time to organise maintenance and deep cleaning of your interiors – from windows to bathrooms and the carpet.

So many of our offices are closed environments, powered by air-conditioning, without any circulation of fresh air.

However, professional cleaning after-hours in Summer has extended hours of daylight. This is the best opportunity to open the windows, air out the interior and clean the communal areas, helping to remove stale air and refresh your office.

The extended daylight hours also means our professional team of cleaners can start cleaning when your staff leave the office, and there will still be sunshine streaming in through the windows to aid in cleaning or drying.

Take advantage of the longer daylight hours to invest in a professional cleaning service after work-hours or over the weekend.

Think about communal areas such as your kitchen, bathrooms, break rooms, conference rooms where the warmer weather and fresh air can be of benefit whilst being professionally cleaned.

Even after hours, the maintenance of amenities such as microwave, hot water, coffee machine and fridge can be undertaken in a dry and sunny environment.

Features such as air conditioning and cubicle interiors can be detailed and steam cleaned with attention and care, as the warmer weather allows for a more intensive clean which can dry faster.

Research shows that a fresh and healthy office environment aid in the retention of staff, so our professional cleaning service can help you to create that welcoming environment. And Summer is the perfect season for a professional commercial cleaner to clean every aspect of your office.

Our team at Northern Contract are here to provide you with the utmost in commercial and professional office cleaning. So please contact us for a friendly quote, and we hope to help you during this sunny season!