Environmental Standards

We recognise that cleaning activities affect the surrounding environment. Through the implementation of our Environmental Management System, which is independently accredited to ISO 14001, we are committed to continually improving the management of this aspect of our business.

It is Northern Contract Cleanings’ objective to reduce the amount of waste produced from it’s business, and promote and actively assist our clients in the recycling of paper, PET, glass, aluminium cans, milk cartons and such other materials that can be readily recycled.

It is the company policy to use water based biodegradable, environmentally friendly cleaning materials wherever possible. All our ‘day to day’ cleaning materials comply with our policy.

Almost all packaging material that is supplied to Northern Contract Cleaning is made from recycled material and where possible, returnable packaging is chosen.

Everyone who works for Northern Contract Cleaning has been made aware of our environmental policy. This is achieved by system induction at the commencement of cleaning each new site, with regular reviews of conformance by supervisory staff.

Northern Contract Cleaning and it’s employees will make every effort to assist in our client’s energy conservation measures. This includes things as simple as turning on lights in local areas being cleaned and turning lights out when finished. It also includes our purchasing and use of energy efficient cleaning equipment, and maintaining the equipment to ensure optimum efficiency.

The following aspects have been identified and procedures put in place: