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PO Box 921, Rozelle NSW 2039
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Quality Systems

Quality Systems

Northern Contract Cleaning manages its quality systems and procedures to ISO 9001 – in line with our objective of ensuring consistent service delivery and meeting our customers’ quality requirements:

  • Detailed cleaning specification is developed for every site
  • Each cleaner is familiarised with the specification before starting
  • If possible the cleaner is introduced to the site management
  • All sites have a communications book which cleaners review daily
  • All Northern Contract Cleaners have at least 2 years experience
  • Training takes place ‘on site’ in real situations
  • Regular Quality Audits are undertaken and feedback given
  • Between ‘Official’ audits, all sites are also visited on a weekly basis and a detailed review is carried out with the cleaner
  • Any issue raised by a client is attended to within 24 hours
Communication Systems

Each site will be given a "Cleaning Communications Book" detailing communications relevant to cleaning. This folder is intended as a means of ensuring appropriate communication between cleaning staff and clients, and results in any issues being resolved in a quick and timely manner.

The usual process is for the client to write a comment in Communications Book. Cleaner will attend to the issue that evening, or will contact the Area manager and an agreed date will be set with the client for the work to be carried out.