Workplace Health and Safety

Northern Contract Cleaning takes a professional approach to it’s Workplace Occupational and Safety responsibilities, and to it’s duty of care to it’s employees and to it’s clients’ staff and visitors.

Our WH&S Management System is independently accredited to ISO 45001 to ensure compliance to national standards.

All Northern Contract Cleaning cleaners are trained and experienced, and aware of the potential dangers caused by cleaning substances, electrical appliances, computers, highly sensitive electrical equipment, power cords, wet areas, lifting and other potential hazards.

Monthly audits are carried out to ensure the cleaning is carried out in accordance with safe working practices and any site-specific requirements.

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment audit is carried out for each site by the Operation Manager, the Supervisor and the Cleaner. The process followed is:

Identification – Identify all risks that could cause injury or illness in the workplace.

Assessment – Assess the risks and prioritise in order of high risk to low risk.

Control – Identify and implement the best method of controlling identified risks.

Northern Contract Cleaning’s supporting principles for WH&S and Risk Assessment are: