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5 Simple Steps for a Green Office

Making your office green promotes sustainability as well as economic growth. We live in a continuously evolving world which promotes the importance of environmentally friendly and greener alternatives to living. As humans we pose a serious threat to the environment if we choose not to actively take steps to better it and improve it for the greater good. From this, we will suffer the consequences.

Here are 5 easy steps to making an eco-friendly change in your office:

  1. Recycle your paper:

By doing this, the recycled content is repurposed into making paper, saving on average 24 trees with every tonne of recycled paper.

  1. Choose biodegradable or green cleaning products:

Through taking this step, you will reduce the harmful effects that the chemicals produce on the environment and also yourself. By using greener alternatives for cleaning, it not only generates purer air, but also less pollution entering into our waterways.

  1. Replace inefficient light bulbs with LEDs:

According to the Technology Report released by the Office of Environment & Heritage in 2014, making the switch to light emitting diodes (LEDs) can constitute a 33 to 78 percent reduction in energy use.

  1. Conduct an energy analysis for your office:

Consider that for every degree on your office thermostat, your energy bill could vary by 1-3 percent. Hiring an external auditor to investigate your business for areas in which energy efficiency could be improved,may save your company 30 percent on related energy costs. This could include areas such as lighting, heating/cooling systems, power consumption and insulation.

  1. Move Eco-friendly tasks to the cloud:

As our world is technologically evolving all the time, it is evident that there is less and less paper being used. Using Cloud technology not only helps your company with operational efficiency and reliability, but also reduces the demand on printers, fax machines and paper. Using cloud reduces your footprint through one simple step.