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When you thought your office was clean, germs still lurk!

You may have weekly clean ups around your office, regular garbage disposals, dust free desks and computers…but often we forget what you can’t see. Although tidiness and visible cleanliness may be number one on your office priority list, generating employee morale and great impressions, it’s important to understand and realise the potential health hazards lurking…
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Office Carpet Cleaning Tips

Office Carpet Cleaning Tips A huge coffee stain on your office carpet is staring right back at you and you have to clean it all by yourself before the boss arrives in an hour or two. Your only cleaning equipment is an old vacuum cleaner or the equipment belonging to the cleaning contractor which you…
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Strata Cleaning

Strata Cleaning Services Sydney Northern Contract Cleaning works closely with Strata Managers and Strata Committees to achieve the appropriate value for money proposition. We will consult with the committee on topics such as devising a suitable specification, frequency of cleaning, cleaning inspections, spring cleaning and any other issues which may arise at strata meetings involving…
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Retail Cleaning Sydney

Retail Shop Cleaners Sydney Northern Contract Cleaning will provide the service to clean, enhance and maintain your retail outlet. Your retail shop, showroom or centre will never look better and your customers will notice the difference! The Northern Contract Cleaning experience includes; Supermarket cleaning Department store cleaning Fashion outlets Car and Auto Centre Cleaning
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