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Why should you choose a professional office cleaning company?

Every office needs regular cleaning, and if you’re looking for an office cleaning company, you have two choices. You either choose a cheaper company or you choose a professional office cleaning company.

Many people may not realise that there’s a big difference between a cleaner and a professional office cleaner. After all, it’s just basic weekly office cleaning, isn’t it?

Actually, a professional office cleaning company offers specific office cleaning services which a regular cleaner does not provide. These specific offices cleaning services mean that we provide a comprehensive solution with each weekly office cleaning.

These services include:

Computer Room Cleaning: Computer rooms in offices require specific care. At Northern Contract, we understand the concept of sub-floor and data floor cleaning and have independently devised a cleaning process which mitigates the risk and detail required with this delicate operation.

Washroom and Kitchen Consumables: Northern Contract takes care of every aspect of your office cleaning needs, including kitchen and washroom. We can supply the following:

·         Kitchen towels

·         Dishwashing powders and liquids

·         Hand soap, sanitisers and air fresheners

·         Toilet paper and hand towels

·         Female sanitary bins


Waste Removal: Northern Contract also works in accordance with Environmental Accreditation and has the ability to professionally take care of your waste removal whilst undertaking your professional office cleaning. Our Waste Management Plan covers:

·         Recyclables (paper, cardboard and glass)

·         Secure waste and shredding of confidential documents

·         Mixed waste

·         Toxic waste


Window Cleaning: At Northern Contract, we can provide the combined service of high-rise or low window cleaning in Sydney. We have licensed abseiling and elevated platform tickets to provide you a one-stop solution for your commercial office cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning: In addition to commercial office cleaning, we also offer carpet steam cleaning or dry cleaning in Sydney. With this option, Northern Contract is the professional commercial offices cleaner provides the full cleaning solution for your needs.


As you can see, a truly professional cleaner takes care of more than just the dust on desks and carpets. A true professional office cleaner has accreditations, training, full-service functions and can canvass everything from windows to waste removal. A business that aims to succeed and provide a professional office for staff and clients will choose the professional office cleaning company.

From carpets to the computer room, the kitchen and the bathroom, Northern Contract is your professional office cleaning company that covers all your office cleaning needs.