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When you thought your office was clean, germs still lurk!

You may have weekly clean ups around your office, regular garbage disposals, dust free desks and computers…but often we forget what you can’t see.

Although tidiness and visible cleanliness may be number one on your office priority list, generating employee morale and great impressions, it’s important to understand and realise the potential health hazards lurking silently in certain areas of your office.

Germs can cause illness and spread even further, causing a loss of productivity in your work place because it is common for one cold to turn in to four colds and so forth. Germs start from a sneeze or a cough and straight onto the doorknob, mouse and even on the surface of your desk.

While the importance of office cleaning is often overlooked, it is in places like the following that need to be thoroughly and regularly maintained to produce a healthy and hygienic work place:

  • Phones:

The immediate contact with ones face close to the mouth, as well as hand contact means that this popular office item’s surface is infested with germs. A disinfectant wipe and then a clean dry can eliminate those unwanted germs.

  • Keyboards:

Not only germs build up in keyboards, but also food particles that fall in the crevices. The best way to avoid germ transfer is to unplug the keyboard and turn it upside down to clear out any unwanted particle, as well as a disinfectant wipe. This will ensure the cleanliness of the keyboard and limits transmitting any bacteria caused from food particles or germs.

  • Desks:

The constant activity on desks like eating, resting, papers and people circulating means that there are germs constantly accumulating. It is vital that employees regularly lift all items up off their desk and spray and wipe their work space to avoid the spread of illness.

To help prevent the spread of these nasty germs, take 5 minutes out of your day to remind your workplace to maintain their office spaces so that everyone benefits and is safe in the environment. This might be particularly important during the winter months when colds and flus are most predominant.