10 Things You Should Know
Before Committing To A

Commercial Cleaning Contract

Written specifications

Make sure you get all the details of your specifications in a written cleaning contract. Your cleaning contractor should take the time and display the professionalism to do this.


Range of services offered

Your premises have to meet safety and presentation standards, so a wide range of services should be made available to you. For example, take a look at these cleaning services in Sydney.


Supervision and review of your premises

There’s nothing worse than a contract cleaning company that has no idea of the standard of service you’re receiving. Make sure you get a planned weekly/monthly on-site visits so that your contract cleaning company is fully aware of the work carried out.


Your security

With people, confidential materials and expensive equipment on your premises, security is of utmost importance. Find out how your contract cleaning company screens their own staff and trains them in security matters.


Experience in your industry

Not all commercial premises have the same requirements. In fact, across industries, cleaning needs can be vast. So choose a cleaning contract service that has experience in your field or similar.


Customer support

The best level of customer support is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Expect nothing less.


Safety standards

WH&S for your staff and cleaning contractors on your premises is a prime concern. Ask to see evidence of the contract cleaning company’s OHS accreditation, compliance, policies and practices.


Environmental impact

You can make a positive environmental impact by adopting environmental standards in cleaning. A contract cleaning service that is efficient with recycling and other waste management practices can also save you money.


Training and experience of cleaning staff

There is skill involved in cleaning commercial premises to a consistently high standard. Our staff have minimum 2 years experience and undertake further training as required.




Why settle for anything less in a cleaning contract service than an excellent reputation? Check client lists, quality systems and management systems.